Ypsilanti Heritage Foundation

The Ypsilanti Heritage Foundation is a private nonprofit organization encouraging preservation and renovation of the wealth of historic architecture in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA

Historic Preservation in Ypsilanti

303 N. Huron, Towner House
Greek Revival Vernacular built c.1837
Restoration by Town House Foundation ongoing as of 2022
Photo by Paul Schreiber, April 2004
303 N. Huron, Towner House
Before renovation and removal of second story bump-out and back porch
Photo by Denis Schmiedeke, c. 1990

400 N. River, Thompson Block
Italianate built c. 1860
Restoration completed in 2021 after 2009 fire
400 N. River, Thompson Block
Fire on September 23, 2009
Photo by Pete Murdock
400 N. River, Thompson Block
Photo by Paul Schreiber, January 2006

227 N. Grove, Gilbert Mansion
Second Empire built 1861
Renovation completed in 1988
Photo by Paul Schreiber, August 2021
227 N. Grove, Gilbert Mansion
Photo by Denis Schmiedeke, 1983

YHF Marker Properties

Since 1977, the YHF Historic Structure marker awards program has recognized more than 200 homes, businesses, churches, and other community buildings in Ypsilanti for significant historic architecture and preservation.

YHF Home Tours

The Historic Home tour is sponsored by the YHF. Proceeds from the tour fund the marker awards, community projects, and education programs on preservation-related topics.

YHF Newsletter

The YHF periodically publishes its newsletter, Heritage News, and distributes it free of charge to its membership by mail and to the general public at various locations throughout the city.

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